Gruplan, Ingeniería en pavimentos y revestimientos

IMMUNER SYSTEM (wet areas)

Prevention of the premature aging of the pavement aesthetic

1. Spray on the pavement before the general cleaning 2. While you clean your industry the Immuner system acts on your floor 3. The Immuner system will protect the floor from salts and organic wastes arising from the general cleaning 4. Lighten 5. See the differences

¿What's the difference between the IMMUNER system and my cleaning products?

  • IMMUNER is a maintenance product not a cleaning one.
  • IMMUNER doesn't need an extra work phase, you just have to spray and work.
  • IMMUNER is specially designed for Gruplan pavements.

¿Why do I need the IMMUNER system?

  • It is specially designed to improve the pavement aesthetics or to coat wet areas.
  • It erases the wheel ruts, stains and embedded wastes in the pavement helping to recover or maintain the aesthetic pavement in the wet areas.
  • Your floor gives you a big part of your industrial image and because of that it needs a specific maintenance that we are able to design. 
  • A clean floor shows an image of an industry that meets all the sanitary norms. Your customers will value.

¿How does it WORK?

  • The active components formulation work independently removing the wastes impurities from common cleaners and the dirt of the industry activity that is embedded in the pavement or coating.

Use areas

  • Bakeries, slaughterhouses, fishmongers, cooking rooms, ets.
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