Gruplan, Ingeniería en pavimentos y revestimientos

Gruplan is a group of companies including Wesdurlan, Vibrolan and Coverlan. Our mission is focused on providing quality service in the field of industrial flooring and coatingsystems, as well as decorative for commercial, recreational centers and private applications as main targets.

Gruplan is a 20 years history company placed in Begur (Girona).

Gruplan is specialized in pavements and coatings design and application, whether they are seamless or ceramics, for industrial or decorative. The new disabilities according to the company vocation allow offering more custom services, new products development and application processes alongside the sector evolution.

Gruplan products outcome highlight for their durability, reliability and service. Values that our customers have found out over the years. We thank you that from the beginning in 1990 to date you keep trusting in Gruplan. 

Gruplan product range has grown alongside our customer's needs

wesdurlan: Industrial seamless pavements

coverlan: Decorative seamless pavements

vibrolan: Industrial ceramic pavements

Gruplan is currently working at International level, being able to give the same design service and quality labor. We help our customers in their international expansion and also in the new projects of  companies already stablished. In the past years our international experience has covered a great part of the company's goals working in countries like Algeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Russia, France, etc.

Gruplan invest part of its resources to improve and create new products to meet the changing needs and demands. Nowadays there has been many products and solutions arising from our company and we are proud to share them with you.



Can Magi, 7 • Pol. Ind. Riera d’Esclanya
17255 BEGUR
Tel +34 972 61 11 74
Fax +34 972 30 19 12
Can Magi, 7 · Pol. Ind. Riera d’Esclanya · 17255 BEGUR
Tel +34 972 61 11 74 · Fax +34 972 30 19 12 ·