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Coverlan DecoCQ

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Specially designed to provide the maximum strength, waterproof and anti-slip in public environments. Specially designed for wet areas. Compatible with almost any indoor or outdoor support. 3 to 6mm thick and ready to use in 2 hours.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ anti-slip, waterproof seamless floor. Sports center.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ pool decks, anti-slip and waterproof floor. Swimming pool theme park.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ waterproof anti-slip pavement. Hotel spa
  • Coverlan DecoCQ swiming pool decks. Spa.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ special seamless floor, public swimmingpool decks. Theme park.
  • coverlan DecoCQ suitable floor for areas for people with desabilities. Sports center showers.
  • coverlan DecoCQ design and efficiency pavement. Theme park.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ anti-slip pavement, swimmingpool decks. Securty and design.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ anti-slip, waterproof seambless pavement. Urban spa.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ anti-slip, waterproof floor. Spa.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ anti-slip sanitary floor, suitable on ceramic. Spa dressing rooms.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ seamless pavement, high perfomances, public spaces. Supermarket.
  • coverlan DecoCQ seamless floor, sanitary finishing and variable rugosities. Sports center dressing room.
  • coverlan DecoCQ easy maintenance and disinfection.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ seamless decorative pavement, high resistance to abrasion and anti-slip. Private house.
  • Coverlan DecoCq private and public swimmingpool decks pavements. Olympic swimmingpool.
  • Coverlan DecoCQ Sanicove sanitary pavement finishing. Suitable for refurbishments.
  1. Concrete floor at least 4 cm thick.
  2. Terrazzos
  3. Concrete pavement with wide joint.
  4. Vitrified and porous ceramic pavement.
  5. Epoxy resins, polyurethane or PMMA.
  6. Steel plates, iron, DM wood.
  • Surface preparation by milling, polishing or chemical cleaning.
  • Priming of the support with resins that in 30 min are dried.
  • Joints and cracks treatment with the Elastijoint system.
  • Application of the CQ pavement by trowel and rugosities.
  • Sealing.
  • 100% passable 2 hours after its application.



Sanicove Coverlan

It is a sanitary cove base in half round shape for areas with sanitary requirements or to make cleaning easier. It is available up to 4cm height.


Base coating up to 12cm height with PMMA resins mixed with quartz aggregates coloured in the oven. Great resistance to impacts. Meets all sanitary norms. Suitable for cementitious or ceramic supports. 2/3mm thick.


Base coating up to 12 cm height with PMMA resins colored with Ral. Greater resistance to impacts than a paint. Watertight seal. Fast drying and applying. Meets all sanitary norms. Suitable for cementitious or ceramic supports.

Membrana LS23

It is a special mortar that provides a better pavement and vertical coating performances.  Its main features are to reduce fissures transmission to the support, improve heavy traffic resistance, improve planimetry, provide a great stability to the floors in areas with high climate changes and restore damaged supports.. It is 2/3mm thick and it becomes dry in 30 min.


Mortero MI49

It is a high resistant acrylic mortar to create slopes. Its thickness can be from 0mm to 3cm in each phase. It provides more applicatoin speed and resistance than concrete. It becomes dry in 45 min. It is specially used to restore places where the original levels are a limitation and speed is the essential priority.



Aluminium profile finishing or you can also use any other material for stairs and steps. It provides a great aesthetic finishing to the pavement.



DT3000 allows to clean a polluted support through a thermic strip at 2800ºC. This thermic impact can penetrate 3-4cm deep opening the support capillarity without affecting the structure. Specially used in reforms that have a high concentration of salts, oils or greases.


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