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Amusement centers (water areas)


Gruplan products will help you achieve and maintain the quality of your service. You can choose continuous or ceramic floors according to your needs. Acid resistant, waterproof, quick for installation and maintenance.


  • Coverlan DecoCQ seamless floor, waterproof and antislip for moisted areas.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ decorative floor, waterproof, antislip.Perfect for Spas, water parks.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ decorative floor, antislip for indoor or outdoor pool decks.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ floor, for public pool decks. Waterproof and antislip.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ waterproof floor, for dressing rooms offers a clean and low maintenance finish.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ floor with sanitary Sanicove plinth. Perfect for reforms.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ floor, antislip for pool decks. Security and design.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ floor, perfect for reforms over existing ceramic floors.

  • Coverlan DecoCQ security and ease of maintenance for everyone. Antislip finish.

  • Coverlan CQ antislip, waterproof, design and efficiency. For spas, pools, water parks.

Amusement centers (water areas)

Gruplan recommends Wesdurlan and Coverlan seamless range floor and wall coatings in environments where a high degree of hygiene and safety is required. Being waterproof, allows cleaning without the need of harmful or aggresive products. Highlighting the possibility of merging environments to unify with the same product and without a joint from the inside of the pool to the showers of the locker room.


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